Financial Information
Create financial security for yourself and your family. Divorce can mean the making the most important financial decisions of your entire life, but we are rarely emotionally equipped to make them. Ask questions. Get different opinions from professionals.
Read these articles. And, do not move forward until you are ready.
How Financial Professionals Can Help During Divorce
Looking for a Financial Professional?
Saving Money On Divorce
Choosing a Financial Professional for Help with Your Divorce
What Is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst?
Six Places to Look for Hidden Assets
Should I Keep the House?
Social Security Benefits for a Divorced Spouse
Legal Information
Take charge by understanding the law. We know…it's confusing! But you are not alone, and the resources we've provided will help you understand the different options available, and the best way to approach them.
Checklist: Living Separately Under the Same Roof
Top Ten Questions to Ask Your Divorce Attorney in the Initial Interview
He’s moved out – now what?
Become Empowered
Let go of fear by becoming empowered. The more you know, the less you'll worry -- that doesn't mean it will be easy, or all fears will magically vanish. It does mean that every small step you take in being informed becomes a big step towards your emotional freedom.
Divorced at Last: How To Quit Complaining and Get On With Your Life
Working Through the Emotions of Divorce
Moving Past Your Fears in Divorce
Care for your Children
Your children are the single most important part of this equation. And, how you prepare, react and respond to and with them during this time will make all the difference in their well-being. Bottom line: if you're okay, they will be too!
The Kids Are Just Fine
Comfort for Kids Dealing with Divorce
Helping Children Adjust to Divorce
What to Tell the Kids When You Divorce

Second Saturday workshops are presented by agreement with the Women's Institute for Financial Education (, the oldest and most trusted non-profit devoted to women's financial education.

Second Saturday Lansing Divorce Workshops for women in Mid-Michigan.
Second Saturday Lansing Divorce Workshops for women in Mid-Michigan.